The Trigger Wall System

The Trigger wall is a solid fence made from high-quality formed metal sheeting. It is finished with long lasting galvanized or powder coated paint.


Security and Privacy

The Trigger wall is a solid fence made from high-quality formed metal sheeting. It is finished with long lasting galvanized or powder coated paint. The specially selected, computer designed corrugated metal provides strength to withstand weather and wind conditions. Trigger holds its shape and retains its rigidity while protecting your property and its valued contents. A unique grooved pattern reduces the sound level transfer from both sides, providing privacy and protection for commercial yards and providing a good relationship between industrial and residential neighbourhoods.

The attractive silver/gray color blends into any landscape/environment. However, if you’d like to match your finish with your business colours or existing exterior design aspects, any powder-coating colour can be done upon request.


Security is Our Goal

  • High security solid wall
  • Reduces theft
  • Reduces injuries/insurance claims

Today, thieves are more dangerous and damaging than ever before. They steal expensive goods, tools and rare metals as well as damage equipment and vehicles, causing risk to staff and others.

We believe that some thieves have a sense of entitlement. If they can see it, they want it. This presents the need for a solid wall versus a see-through system.

Added anti-climb features include the following:

  1. No visible joints, joint fasteners, or seams, making it difficult to get a foothold for climbing.
  2. At the top of the wall, you have added options of barb wire, serrated top-rail or cutter bars.

Anti-digging option:

  1. Anti-dig bars prevent digging under the walls. These are available upon request.

We take perimeter security to a whole new level.

Our parent company, Nordic Industries Ltd., is a trusted name in the fence industry for the past 45 years. We understand what fencing is about and bring new products to market to meet ever-changing security needs.

We recognize the need for additional security and have taken this opportunity to create the best possible security fence system. Professional manufacturing control, using the latest technology in metal forming and shaping, including a framework of schedule 40 fence pipe or high tensile HSS (Hollow Steel Structural) tubing, supported with an exclusive in-house designed channel locking system, creates the Trigger Solid Wall Security Fencing System.


Our innovative design system offers reduced labor costs and installation time compared with other solid wall systems.

Trigger Wall System Provides These Features:

  • The Trigger wall can be flexible to meet your needs, including curves, step-ups, or step-downs to adjust for your landscape requirements.
  • The Trigger wall is easily adapted for the addition of security doors or gates.
  • Longer posts can be strategically placed on the fenceline for cameras, lighting, and other security products.
  • Trigger installations only require the use of standard equipment. No cranes or heavy lifting machines are necessary.
  • Trigger modular construction reduces fright costs
  • Trigger has a much longer lifespan than conventional wood or PVC products.





  • Posts minimum: 2 7/8” outside diameter schedule #40 pipe with a wall thickness of .203” or
  • 2 7/8” outside diameter x .188” wall thickness, HSS tubing.
  • Standard 24 gauge wall panels (optional 18 to 26 gauge available).
  • All channels are galvanized or available in a powder coat finish.
  • Solid wall.
  • Computer-designed panels.
  • Trigger‘s unique design “connector system”.

Four Questions to Get Started

  1. What are the measurements of your proposed fence?

  2. Galvanized or powder-coat (colored) finish?

  3. What height do you feel would best serve your needs for your location?

  4. What wall thickness would you prefer? 18 gauge to 26 gauge, with the standard of 24 gauge..

If you would like to supply us with your geographical location, it would be our pleasure to assist with your overall perimeter fence design.

Architects across Canada and the USA are able to contact Trigger Containment Systems for complete specifications and shop drawings.

Drawings are available in SolidWorks and “share viewing” with Fusion 360.

  • The Trigger system can be installed almost anywhere to meet almost any need.
  • The Trigger is available in predesigned heights ranging from 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, and 12ft in any length you require.
  • No job is too big or too small for Trigger Containment System.